The Make-Up Issue is a make-up and hairstyling private academy, founded by principal Abie Viljoen, that offers courses specifically designed to qualify students to become professionals in the industry. At The Make-Up Issue we are renowned for our international standard of training, and along with our team of experienced and currently active lecturers we offer students a learning experience that is invaluable. Our current film and fashion industry lecturers, incorporate the latest trends into their lectures and in doing so allow students regular opportunities to assist them at fashion shows, film productions and photo shoots.

Our practical teaching methods is what sets our academy apart from other institutions and provides students with an authentic insight into the exciting and competitive industry. Through this experience they often get recruited by some of the top production companies and cosmetic houses in the country.


At The Make-Up Issue we strongly emphasise the importance of practical knowledge, a full comprehension of products and materials and, most important of all, a strong and professional portfolio. This practical experience grooms the graduates for this highly competitive industry that they are about to enter. A successful artist need not only excel in the various techniques, but must be professional in their approach and have an acute sense for business.

Rather than focusing on past academic achievements, the most important traits are having a creative flair, maturity, a great personality and professionalism. We believe that building an excellent portfolio acts as one as the best marketing tools to showcase skills, contrary to what others feel. A diploma or certificate from international accreditation institutions holds little credit alongside a powerful portfolio. When the portfolios are handed in at the end of the course and they are of a professional standard, the graduate will be placed on our books to be contracted out to clients on a freelance basis.

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