Hairstyling Course

The full-time hairstyling course runs over 4 months and entails:

Overview of the industry

  • Week1: Introduction (talk about industry, trends, hair types, products for different hair types as well as on set etiquette)
  • Week2: Product Knowledge & blow-dry techniques
  • Week3: Blow-dry smooth & sleek and using the straightener
  • Week 4: Blow-dry volumes & curls
  • Week5: Blow-dry & setting with curlers
  • Week6: Wet setting & pins curls
  • Week7: Sectioning & pin curls (direction of curls and different result it gives)
  • Week8: curling tongs (tight curls, spirals, waves, soft curl/wave)
  • Week9: Texture (Afro setting & crimping)
  • Week10: Period hair 1920’s
  • Week11: Period hair 1930’s & 40’s
  • Week12: Period hair 1950’s & 60’s
  • Week 13: Period hair 1970’s & 80’s
  • Week 14: Braiding, plaits (bridal hair)
  • Week 15: Sleek ponytail &buns (up styles & messy)
  • Week 16: Avante Garde
  • Week17: Shaping Afros how to fluff an Afro & basic male grooming

Introduction – Talk about the industry

  • Different up & coming styles / trends
  • New hair care
  • Doing hair on set – the “Do’s & Don’ts.
  • Tips & Tricks of the trade
  • Essentials for your hair kit.

Product Knowledge

We offer a full description of the product – its uses and for which hair types it’s best suited.

  • Hairspray
  • Mousse
  • Gel
  • Silicon
  • Hair wax

Hair Equipment

We offer a full description of the product – its uses and for what hair types it’s best suited.

  • Blow dryer
  • Hair straightener
  • Curling tongs
  • Flat hair brush
  • Round hair brush
  • Combs
Hair Preparation

The hair preparation section of the course teaches students to understand the importance of the desired look, by taking into account hair type, length and required products

  • *Sectioning – Understanding the importance & what look you want to create
  • *Blow-drying the hair smooth & sleek (Short/ mid-length & long hair)
  • Blow-drying the hair with volume & with 60’s/ 70’s hair flick
  • Blow-drying to create soft curls using a hair brush.

*Hair straightening/ Ironing

  • Short & long hair
  • Straightening the hair smooth & sleek
  • Creating volume with the straightener.

Creating curls & texture using the straightener

  • Tiny afro curls
  • Mermaid wave
  • Small plaits

*Curling with Curling-tong – Pin-curls, Drop curls, Velcro curlers & Hot curlers.

*Plaits – Three strand, French, Dutch & Fishbone (sleek & messy), Cornrow, milkmaid, Waterfall, Lace, “Ponytail Bun Plait”. Butterfly, Flower, Heart, Plait on side of ponytail

*Teasing – Create the perfect bubble, Incorporate teasing into plaits 

*French Roll (smooth/ sleek & messy)

*Teasing – 60’s Beehive, 40’s Vintage Pin-up look

*Knots & Twits

*Ponytails – Create the Perfect high ponytail, Smooth & sleek “Donut” bun, Bow

*1920’s Finger wave – wet & dry method.

*1940’s Waves/ Jessica Rabbit Hair

*Modern Punk/ Mohawk – incorporating teasing, plaits, hair pieces ect.

*Avant Garde Hairstyles



  • Down-styles (Sleek & Messy)
  • Up-styles (Sleek & Messy)
  • Incorporating hair accessories, placement of veil/ flower

*Male Grooming – Eyebrows, Side burns

Hair Styles: Corporate, Surfe, Funky Punk, Messy Bed-head

For more information about our hairstyling course please feel free to contact us.

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